Start driving with CloudTrucks

Be your own boss while running under CloudTrucks authority and eliminate the headaches that slow you down and cost you money

When you lease onto our authority we offer:

  • Guaranteed Revenue Program: Earn at least $4,500 weekly - guaranteed - when you hit 2,000 weekly loaded miles, so you never have to worry about market rate fluctuations.
  • Lowest fees in the industry: 18% which includes cargo and liability insurance (compared to 30-35% at most mega-carriers!)
  • Instant payments: Immediate upon proof of delivery on your own CT Cash VISA card
  • Cash advance: Up to 50% before the load is even delivered
  • No forced dispatch: Choose your own loads from top brokers and sources like JBHunt, Coyote, DAT and many others
  • Contract freight & dedicated lanes: From big brands like Ocean Spray
Requirements for leasing on to our authority:
  • Must be 23-70 years old
  • A CDL-A holder with 2+ years experience
  • Have your own truck that is 2014 or newer